Show that you are United in your support for Newcastle and in protest against Mike Ashley.

The stylish, affordable and supporter led alternative to the current official replica kits and merchandise sold in club stores and Sports Direct outlets.

The Newcastle Fans Shirt

The Newcastle Fans Shirt

The Newcastle Fans Brand allows fans to represent their club with pride. Without unethical loan shark sponsorship and more stylish and affordable than official club merchandise. All products are sold at cost price, hitting Sports Direct and Mike Ashley in the pocket to signal that we demand a club that tries.

The Crest

The red shield with the three silver castles is the main insignia on the city coat of arms and its oldest known representation, depicting the unbreakable ties between the club and the area. In a says Newcastle.

No Sponsors

Sometimes a sponsor can make a shirt look better. But not the official shirt, no. That one is covered in a crass, unethical and glorified loan shark. You know who we mean. Our shirt is black and white, just how it should be.

A Top Brand

It's no coincidence that Adidas was chosen as the base shirt for this first Newcastle Fans Brand offering. Their history in sport garment manufacturing ensures the quality and longevity of the shirt will be the very best. Newcastle also of course enjoyed some of their best times whilst wearing Adidas shirts.

The back

The back of the shirt incorporates a large white area in which you can have a name and number of your choice printed. We realise that many would have perhaps preferred a striped back, but unfortunately this was not possible with the options available to us.

Quality Stitched In

The Newcastle Fans Shirt is a high quality shirt, and there's no getting away from this. Both badges are embroidered and stitched in place, not printed and glued, like many others.

Are you making any money from the shirt?

No, the supporter groups behind the Newcastle Fans Brand felt it would be wrong to make a profit on shirt sales and instead have offered the shirt at (our) cost price with an option offered to donate to the anti-Ashley campaign (for protest materials) if supporters wish to express their support financially.

Why should I buy the Newcastle Fans Shirt instead of the official club shirt?

In short, Mike Ashley and Sports Direct do not deserve any more of the supporters' money. In addition, we strongly feel that advertising a legal loan shark is inappropriate, and the low quality of the official kit is clear to see.

How long will it take you to deliver my shirt?

After receiving payment we will aim to deliver your shirt within 28 days. We realise this may not be as fast as some large, specialised companies so we ask for some patience. See the legal page for more information.

How much do the adult and youth shirts cost?

The shirts are priced at just under £18 for adult sizes and just under £13 for the youth sizes, which is our cost price. This offers amazing value for money when you consider the price of the official offering. And with this being an official Adidas product with embroidered badges quality is ensured.

We use PayPal cart to keep all payments as secure and safe as possible. So you can Buy Now in full confidence.

Affiliated for strength

The Newcastle Fans Brand and the Newcastle Fans Shirt are affiliated with and offered to you by the following Newcastle fan groups: